Barge service

Since the ISPS code is in force, delivering provisions and stores to vessels at terminals is nowadays increasingly bound by regulations. How can we help you deal with this?

To supply you with your spare parts, stores and provisions on board your vessel we can offer you a crane barge (lift capacity of crane 6-8 tons, height up to 32 meters, capacity of 500 tons with space of up to 100 pallets). The barge is also equipped with facilities to cool and freeze your provisions.

The barge is located direct on the quay where our warehouse and office are situated. You will find us in the heart of the Botlek area, amidst all refineries and chemical factories where most of the sea-going vessels berth. Thanks to this ideal situation we can offer a short sailing time to the terminals resulting in competitive rates. Besides, we can deliver very quickly on the spot since ships are often limited in the time interval for collecting the cargo on board.

To sum up all the benefits of using our barge service:

  • No additional transport costs charged for providing the barge.
  • Stores are loaded direct from our warehouse into the barge.
  • Quick delivery thanks to our ideal location  within proximity of the terminals.
  • Less risk of delay.
  • Barge is equipped with crane so not dependent on your vessel’s gear for unloading.
  • Competitive rates because of short sailing time to terminals in Botlek/Europoort and Maasvlakte.